twentyyearoldspinster : im going to kcon too! will you have a meet up or something?

Yes actually I am!! :D I will host a google hangout tonight on my youtube channel to give more details about it ^ ^ So you should join us if you would like!

compliments-people : You're awesome and an amazing person!

I love this tumblr, everyone should follow it! ^ ^

And thank you!

coffeebird257 : I just love your blog , just keep being you <3

I appreciate your support, I certainly will!! Especially for people like you!

yaaaaaasbitch : I'm really happy that you exist; you are so gorgeous and you inspire me to do what I want to do regardless of the boundaries that other people put on me. Thank you so much :)

omg…. <3 Thank you like this is so so so so sooooooOOOOOOO nice of you to say!! I love you! *hugs*

thatkawaiistyle : You're style is adorable ! Do you watch Kdramas or anime? *awkwardly attempts to intiate friendship* ;.; (^~^)/

lol yes I do and thank you!! *awkwardly accepts friendship*

I like Tokyo Ghoul atm although lately I haven’t been keeping up with the latest kdramas unfortunately :/ If there are any good ones please lemme know!

mopaddo : Hi Crystal! I love your YouTube channel. I was wondering how old you were when you got braces and how much you had to pay. I'm in high school and I have some bite problems that have been affecting my jaw, but they're quite expensive for my father.

I think my mother paid nearly $5,000 total but idk if that is including the extractions I had done before actually having my braces on. We didn’t have any insurance at the time either.

mopaddo : Hi Crystal! I was wondering how old you were when you got braces and why? I'm in high school and lately I've been having some chewing/ bite problems and was told I need braces but right now it's too expensive for my father.

I think I was 19 when I first got my braces and it was because my teeth at the time were terribly overcrowded and I also had an overbite. I didn’t have any chewing problems but I would ask your dentist more about that. If you can’t afford it now then you really can wait it out a little longer till you can afford it unless it is bothering you on a daily.

omgmissawesome : Do you think it's unfair that a white girl can have a black, Asian or European boyfriend but when a black girl tries to do that people look down on her or think it's a unusual pairing for a couple?

It is but people are always going to think negatively on things that appear to be too different from what they are used to. If I were white or hispanic, I don’t think I would get as much hate being with my boyfriend as I do as a black woman. It’s pretty disappointing that society is so stuck on being close minded but it’s really not my problem. It’s their own and they need to just accept it because it ain’t changin anytime soon.

thinblackbeauty : Love your video and blog!

Oh thank you ^ w ^ I feel like my blog is so dead lately so I’m going to post on it more soon!

luxurious86 : hi like your blog. I saw your post through blackwomenasianmen's blog. I have a question: did your boyfriend or husband came to you first and ask you out for a date?

haha yes, he initiated the idea of going out on our first date but I was the one who made contact with him first.